Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Pink Monica Bedi

For Monica Bedi, once a starlet, a don's moll, jail inmate and now starlet again, a visit to Pataudi, quite like her life, was like coming full circle.

When she sat back in the pretty lawns of her once-upon-a-time co-star Saif Ali Khan's ancestral farmhouse, it brought back fond memories. "I still remember, my first movie, Suraksha, was with Saif. He's a nice person. Over the years, he's matured into a very good actor and has started looking more handsome!" she smiled. "I'm so pleased to visit Pataudi and so impressed with the beautiful pictures of his parents. It's been a long while since I've met Saif, but I'll definitely tell him about my visit to his farmhouse. And I'm also so glad to see him happy with Kareena."

That trip down memory lane gets her talking on life before Lisbon. "I'm originally from Norway. I came to India in 1994, when I was only 16. I always had a passion for dancing, and so when I came to India, I learnt Kathak. It was later that I started getting offers from Bollywood. I've done a lot of dancing around trees, but now I want to change my image on screen. I'd like to do some emotional and serious roles," she says. Has she been getting any offers?

"Yes, I've been getting movie offers and want to get back to acting. It's too early to disclose anything right now, but you'll soon see me on screen again," she smiles.

But she has been on screen, in Bigg Boss 2... "Actually, before I entered the show, people had objected to me being a part of it. But once the show started, their mindset slowly changed with every episode. I only realised that when I got out of the show. Today, people recognise me and say nice things to me. That makes me very happy. I like it when people show love and care for me."

Did the other participants on the show also "show love and care" for her? "I was very close to Alina (Wadiwalla) and Rakhi (Vijan). Rakhi was a bit hyper, but at the end of the day, she was a lovely friend. She hadn't been keeping well during the show and I was worried about her health. The naughtiest people in the house, though, were Rakhi and Rahul (Mahajan). When I first walked into the show, I was a little hesitant. It was because of the both of them that I started to feel more comfortable and confident. I miss the pranks they'd keep playing," says Monica.

So Rahul was naughty... naughty enough to propose to her? Monica laughs at that. "What rubbish!" she exclaims. "It was all in good fun. We're good friends and that's it. He never misbehaved with me. He was very kind and caring. He'd keep playing pranks but meant no harm. We're still good friends," she says.

Rumour has it that Monica's "good friend" has promised to help her get her book published... "I do plan to write a book, and it'll probably be ready by next year. And yes, Rahul did promise to help out with getting it published, but I've already finalised things on that front. I don't think I'll need his help. The name of the book hasn't been decided yet. It'll reveal the truth about me, and I'm sure people would love to read it," she says.

That they will, especially if it has anything about a certain Mr Salem. "Abu Salem and I have parted ways. The news about him asking for a TV in jail to watch my show – it's all cooked up," says Monica, and tells us, from her experience of jail life, why that's not possible. "There already are TVs in jails, but they only have Doordarshan, there are no cable connections. And there's only a certain time when you can watch TV. So how is that possible?"

Alright, so she's put Salem and jail life behind her. What does she want to do now? "I've gone through a lot," she says. "I'm a very emotional and sensitive person. But I'm glad God helped me come out of that situation. Now, I want to see my parents happy. My mother is staying with me these days, and I've booked a new house. (Politician) Sanjay Nirupam was kind enough to speak to a real estate agent and helped me find it. I'll shift soon," she says.
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